About Us

We are a group of male and female instructors, but one thing that rings true for all of us is that we have a high standard of teaching and an excellent track record. We all have a passion for teaching, love our job and enjoy making your learning fun.  If you know which instructor you would like to learn with, please contact them directly on the details below. If you arent sure, we will more than happily place you with one. Rest assured whoever you learn with, you are in good hands.

All of our instructors are fully qualified with reviews that speak for themselves. Head over to our facebook page for a read.

From 12 April 2021 our hourly rate is £38.

Jane Filipe

ian leaver

paul hawkes

mark minnican

james higton

elaine morgan

luci crouch



Mobile: 07966 952169

matt line

sean oaten

paula gardner

mike smith





andy poole

haste Merchant

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