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Theory Test

It is up to you when you take your theory test. You can take it before you start driving or study alongside your lessons. If you choose the latter, your instructor will be more than happy to give you some help if you'd like it. We can also recommend some good books and online tools to help you.


Once you have passed your theory test, you have 2 years to book your practical test. You cannot book your practical test without your theory certificate.

Your theory test costs £23 and should be booked via the website.

Man Driving in Car

Practical test

Many learner drivers book their practical test too soon and consequently the national pass rate is in the very low 40s. (Some areas are down in the 20s). We will make sure that you are completely ready for your test before its booked. Usually you and your instructor will book it together.

All our instructors are up to speed in the requirements of the practical test and will ba able to take you on some possible test routes. The low national pass rate is why we insist our instructors have a good track record before joining SSM. You will be pleased to know the pass rate for Salisbury currently stands above the national average at 52.8%.

Before your test we will offer you a 'mock' test with a different instructor who will simulate real test conditions. This will enhance your chances of a first time pass.

Normally your instructor will accompany you on your driving test. But whether you'd like them to is completely up to you. On the rare occasions of a failure, if your instructor has witnessed what went wrong they will be able to advise and correct you for the next test. There is no additional charge for being accompanied by the instructor on the test.

The test fee is £62 and the test should be booked via the website.

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